There is No Such Thing as a Reality Show

Article by Wendy McCance

Remember when Reality TV was created?  Shows were thrown together where eccentric people got to let it all hang out.  There were no scripts and people said and did what they wanted.  After all, this was what Reality TV was all about, right?

Over the years there have been accusations of scripted plots and pressure from producers for the people on these shows to show a bit more drama.  Now, things have gone so far that the whole Reality TV industry has been all but extinguished.

I just read that one of the people on Duck Dynasty was fired for his comment about gay people.  Let me just say that I don’t care about your race, sexual preferences, religion, gender or any other label that can be created.  People are people and everyone should be treated equally.

Having said that, I am against having someone fired from a reality show for speaking about their beliefs and this is why, it is a REALITY SHOW!  If the people who participate on these shows have to be censored then the whole concept behind these shows has been lost.

Why are people fascinated with Honey Boo Boo or Jersey Shore or Duck Dynasty?  It is because you get to watch a group of individuals that are unique.  These are not mainstream run of the mill individuals. These are people who have strong opinions, no fear of speaking their minds, no concerns about conflicts and are passionate about the way they live their lives.  These are the people who others wish they could be because of one thing, these people aren’t afraid to be who they authentically are and they are proud of it.

If this is what viewers are drawn to, then why would anyone ever consider censoring their thoughts or actions?  What’s the point of having a reality show if you can’t watch the reality in action?

I am disappointed that a person was fired for stating their view.  I have never watched Duck Dynasty.  It’s just not my thing.  I don’t agree with the beliefs stated either.  I just feel that if I am going to watch a reality show, I want to be able to see the good, bad and ugly.  I want the truth.  There is so little truth in the media and now sadly, there is very little truth in Reality TV.


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2 Responses to There is No Such Thing as a Reality Show

  1. Another blogger recently wrote about this same dismissal ( and I understand the man’s remarks were not made on the show, but in an interview. So he got kicked off the show for expressing politically incorrect (though not drastic) remarks away from the set. One must conclude there are only certain tolerances allowed by the media.

    • wmccance says:

      I agree. I absolutely was appalled by the comments from Duck Dynasty, but we are all different and that is what the point of a reality show was supposed to be (I thought).

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