What Your Home Says About Your State Of Mind

Article by Wendy McCance

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t like something you own, you are careless with it?  Take a piece of clothing for example.  You don’t like the color or the way it fits or how it makes you feel when you wear it.  You might toss it on the floor instead of hanging it up.  It might get stuffed in a drawer without being folded.  What about a car that is getting old and embarrasses you to drive.  How often does it get an oil change?  How easily does it seem to get dinged by grocery carts at the store or scratches on it while sitting in your driveway?  What about the inside of the car?  Is there trash on the floor or stains on the seats?

I was thinking about how the state of your mind affects what your personal items look like.  The best example I can give is to look inside someone’s home.  There are three distinct styles of managing a home that I can think of.  I have been in some homes where the house seems to hum with happiness.  The home is clean and straightened but not in an extreme way.  There is some happy clutter.  There might be kids book bags in the hall, a few toys scattered about and books or magazines in spots where it looks like someone had gotten up briefly but was in the middle of reading.  There is energy in the home.  Food is cooking, kids are playing, etc…

People in these homes seem to be happy and content.  They know how to juggle their busy lifestyle in a way that is comfortable and has minimal stress.  They aren’t procrastinators and are good at prioritizing.  They know how to get things done, but also give themselves a break and make sure that they take care of themselves and enjoy some free time.

I have visited homes where the home feels like a museum.  Everything has its place.  The house is immaculate to the point where you are nervous to walk in shoes or eat anything for fear you might drop a crumb of food and it would stand out as an incredible mess.  There is little life in the home.  There is no way to know what the occupants hobbies are or what makes them happy.  There are no books to see, no photos to look at and no projects sitting out.

These people tend to be control freaks.  They are rigid and feel that everything in their life must be perfect and in its place.  People with homes like this have a hard time giving themselves a break or find time to allow themselves downtime.  They are usually workaholics and are very critical of others living up to their standards.

The last style of keeping house that I’ve seen is the home that looked like an explosion occurred.  You walk in and see piles of dirty dishes, a trail of dirty laundry running through the house and projects everywhere.  The home is utter chaos and has an uneasy feel to it.

People in these homes are always busy.  There are a million responsibilities, errands, favors to others etc…  These are good-hearted people who put everyone ahead of themselves.  They will say yes to any favor someone asks of them no matter if they have the time and energy or not.  They never want to disappoint and will stretch themselves as thin as humanly possible.  They tend to put their own needs last and don’t know how to enjoy their own company for any length of time.

Of course these are generalizations.  There are many people who might not feel they fall under any category listed above or think that the descriptions of the type of people who live in these homes are off.  When you find peace for example, it’s hard to live in a messy home, it just doesn’t feel peaceful.  You will get the urge to straighten what is around you to increase that feeling of peace that you have.  The point is sometimes by looking at the state of what you live in can give you direct clues as to the state of your mind.


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4 Responses to What Your Home Says About Your State Of Mind

  1. joedalio says:

    I completely believe this, and see it’s truth in my own home those of other people I know. I will keep my mind right so my wife can no longer criticize my disorganization 🙂

  2. Thank you sharing this article. My house belongs on the bring of first and second categories. I love a clean house, I love decluttering, I love throwing stuff out that is broken/stained/old or doesn’t serve it’s purpose anymore… Yet I have my books, my cats toys, happy mementoes, travel trinkets…. Thanks for sharing this article!

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