I am a Compulsive Multi-Tasker

Article by Wendy McCance

I am a compulsive multi-tasker.  It’s difficult to do only one thing at a time.  My obsession with doing more than one thing at a time has gotten almost comedic in nature.  I have recently noticed just how out of hand my need to multi-task has gotten.

  • I am always reading two books at the same time.  There have been a few times where three books were being juggled at once.
  • I can’t work without the television on or music playing in the background.
  • I get out of bed at night to write down ideas.  My mind doesn’t turn off, even when I am supposed to be sleeping.
  • When I am driving, I am eating, talking on the phone or putting on makeup.
  • I am writing two articles right now.  I keep switching between this blog and my Searching for the Happiness blog.
  • I empty the dishwasher, wipe down counters and empty the trash while cooking a meal.
  • I will do a facial mask, condition my hair and brush my teeth while taking a shower.
  • When the kids were small, I would give two kids a piggyback ride at the same time.
  • I eat breakfast and lunch while I work.  Dinner is the exception, but only if the kids are home for that meal.
  • I can blow dry my hair and put on makeup at the same time.
  • I am always checking email or playing a game on my phone while watching a television show.
  • I pump gas and clean my car of trash at the same time.

I’m sure there are a dozen other examples I can give, but you get the idea.  What about you?  Are you a multi-tasker?  Do you find it difficult to only focus on one thing at a time?


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2 Responses to I am a Compulsive Multi-Tasker

  1. joshuaanandaclayton says:

    I’m almost as bad sometimes, but I do it very well at times…

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