This Weekend Sucks!

Article by Wendy McCance

There is no other way to put it except to say that this weekend sucks!  I have been dealing with a flare-up from fibromyalgia which has gone on for about two weeks now.  To say I am frustrated is an understatement.  Today is St. Paddy’s Day and yet I am at home in bed with my pj’s on typing on a laptop instead of out having a good time.  I am currently drowning my sorrows in a bowl of ice cream as I type away.

Long ago I accepted my fate.  I was going to live my life as fully as possible and try to ignore the rest.  I wasn’t going to let this disease run me.  About 80% of the time I am okay with the hand I have been dealt.  I make adjustments where needed and forget about what I can’t control.

It’s when I am feeling particularly ambitious and I have a flare up that I want to scream at the world or at the very least punch a wall.  Have you ever had the flu and couldn’t seem to shake it?  After a week of feeling miserable you were over it and began getting annoyed? You felt, enough is enough and you couldn’t put your life on hold anymore, you needed to get back to your responsibilities.  But you couldn’t push your self fully.  You would wake up in the mornings hopeful for a day where you are finally feeling better and would realize, shit, here we go again, another day of feeling crappy.  Welcome to my life.  This is my day everyday.  When I finally have to give in I am at the point where I can’t stay awake, my body hurts so much I have tears in my eyes and my concentration is gone.  I am completely depleted.

I woke up this morning feeling awful, gave myself a pity party for about an hour and now I am making concessions by sitting in bed in my pj’s but refusing to give up on my day.  I have work to do and it is going to get done, even if it means I absorb a bowl of ice cream and take a nap later on.

Here’s the takeaway from reading a post about a person whining about their heath issues. If you feel healthy, you have the world at your fingertips.  There is absolutely nothing stopping you from taking on the world.  You can accomplish anything and everything you set your mind to.  I envy you and wish I had realized how much more I could have done before I got sick.  I never understood or even pondered how lucky I was when I was healthy.  I took my good fortune for granted.  I never pushed myself the way I should have back in the day.

To you I say, you only get one life.  No more excuses.  Make those wishes and dreams a reality instead of sitting around finding dumb reasons why you can’t pursue something.

Done with my ranting now and it’s back to work for me.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  Hope you make the most of the day set in front of you.


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